About Us

"Colour Me Beauti Skin" was founded by: Brittany Brown, Licensed Esthetician. I've had struggles with my skin since my teenage years. From trying expensive high end products, to drug store products. Nothing seemed to work. Having hormonal issues in my adulthood affected my skin, and took a turn for the worse. Struggling with acne, on top of extra sensitive skin.  

One day while doing research on mild products safe to use for my skin type. I came across a site that explains how you can actually make your own skincare products using all natural products. I was curious, and desperate. So then on, I concocted a couple of products and started to use them on my skin. After a couple of weeks, to my surprise my skin actually responded very well! 


From then on, I figured I was on to something! Instantly began thinking of making my products available for other women, and men like me struggling with their skin. Hopefully my products will turn your skin worries around as well. "Colour Me Beauti Skin" products are natural, organic, handmade with love and care. Let's look better, feel better, with healthier looking skin.   

-Brittany Brown, Founder